About Me

I started coding in 5th grade creating Minecraft mods with my brother’s artwork. I would always ask my friends about cool items they wanted to see in the game and then implement them through my mod. Since then, my appreciation for creating apps and communicating with users about what they want has only grown.

I am currently a senior at CSU Channel Islands, getting a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science, with minors in Math, Data Analytics, and Security Systems. While taking a class in Human-Computer Interaction at CSUCI, I became very interested in product management and the process of designing products for users. I am also interested in software engineering after working on a project with an agile-based group. I know Java and C best and I am working on becoming proficient in SQL and Python.

While at CSUCI, I participated in undergraduate research in projects surrounding emulation, cybersecurity, and data archiving. I enjoyed presenting at research conferences and working in teams on research projects. I also contributed to a paper about archiving a dataset from Carnegie Mellon. While working in data archiving, I was responsible for the qualitative analysis, maintaining a spreadsheet of observations about the dataset, and emulating data from historical hardware like Zip100 drives or floppy disks.

Once I graduate, I want to interact with consumers and figure out the best features to add through innovative technological solutions as a product manager or to implement exciting new features to a product as a software engineer.

Please feel free to add me on LinkedIn or check out my resume. I am always willing to meet new people or talk about baseball.
I also made a preview of the Dodgers’ 2023 season in February 2023 so please check it out and give me feedback.